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How important is a Father Figure in a Child’s Life?


The number of broken families and single mothers has been on the rise over the past decade. As a result, many kids grow up without their fathers for a number of reasons. It could be that the man is a deadbeat dad, he is out of the picture, or unfortunately passed away. Since such situations are inevitable, there is not much single moms can do.
However, the importance of a responsible and authoritative (not authoritarian) father figure still remains crucial. Whether it is an uncle, a friend, or a grandparent, every child needs a man to guide them and look up to.
Did you know that kids who grow with a father figure are 75% less likely to become teenage parents, 45% less likely to be held back in school, and 80% less likely to become jailed criminals?
Fathers can directly and indirectly impact a child’s life in the present and later years. With a balance of the mother and a father figure, children get to be socially competent and can easily self-regulate throughout their lives.
Naturally, a father has five major roles to play in their offspring’s life:

The responsibility to provide counsel
The responsibility to offer protection
The responsibility to be a leader
The responsibility to co-parent without conflict
The responsibility to love and care
Simply put, a father figure should know how to balance fun and discipline. A man that is a role model always shows up and provides a leaning shoulder for the child.
For daughters, a father figure helps them understand men. This helps them avoid toxic relationships and know their worth. For sons, they learn positive male tendencies they should emulate, and the negatives to steer away from.
Many people recognize the essence of a mother as a caregiver, but the role of dads is always overlooked. If the child’s father does not want to be involved or fails to fulfill his responsibilities, mothers are advised to gradually introduce their kids to a father figure at a young age. Likewise, they should avoid introducing an endless list of their partners or lovers to their kids as this will undoubtedly damage them.
Even though there are mothers who can do it all (and they are highly appreciated), some kids who grow without a father figure may suffer from different forms of daddy-issues, which might affect them from teen years to adulthood.
It is ever so important to acknowledge the role of a dad in a child’s life. Otherwise, Father’s Day would not have any value now, would it?



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