The Top 10 Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2022


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If you want your wedding to be the talk of the year among your friends and family, you must nail the entertainment. The perfect wedding entertainment will engage your guests and act as an icebreaker.

Since trends have been significantly evolving with time, you need to be up to date and steer from outdated options. Below are the top ten wedding entertainment trends to watch out for in 2022.

1.     Photo Booth

Photo booths are increasingly becoming one of the most wanted wedding entertainment options. Hiring a booth is affordable and does not involve complicated processes. In the end, your guests will have the memories of your D-day frozen in gorgeous photos.

2.     Drink Tasting Station

Do your guests appreciate a fine whisky, spirit, or bourbon? Complement your signature wines, cocktails, or liquor and hire an experienced barista to answer all your guests’ questions. This station will help your friends and family bond throughout the reception.

3.     Karaoke

Nothing brings guests together than a perfectly executed karaoke stage. Ensure you carefully vet the list of songs and limit your guests to a specific period or number of pieces to keep the activity fun. Karaoke is also an entertaining way for loved ones to send love to the newlyweds.

4.     Kids’ Entertainer 

Most weddings are children-friendly, so it only makes sense to hire a children’s entertainer. Besides, it gives adults free time to participate in entertainment activities and make new friends. In addition, there is less risk of distraction and trouble. You can also set up a station for face painting, coloring games, and props for kids.

5.     Sax and DJ

A live instrument would be the perfect icing on the cake for a DJ. This combination will give the music a lively yet funky element. If you are having a vintage wedding, you can include a trumpet. For an industrial-themed reception, try an electric guitarist.

6.     S’mores by the Fire

Marshmallows paired with bonfires is a wedding entertainment trend that is here to stay. When the campfire is set, gather your guests and give them warm blankets and sweet treats. The endless stories and laughter will keep your guests relaxed and joyful. This option is best for fall and winter weddings.

7.     Tarot Reading Station

With younger people getting married in recent years, couples now have free-spirited entertainment at their weddings. The most famous is tarot reading stations. Your guests will have so much fun having their fortunes and futures read during reception and cocktail hour.

8.     Pianist

A pianist gives your wedding a classic and romantic touch. Whether your reception is the traditional fairy tale or a chic, contemporary one, a skilled pianist will do the trick. Piano music is suitable for cocktail hour, first dances, and background entertainment.

9.     Acrobatics

Live performers make any event vibrant. Plus, they are great conversation starters. Take advantage of your wedding reception space and have acrobats posing as statues or suspended aerialists. You can never go wrong with acrobats as long as they are experienced and creative.

10.  Fireworks

Surprise your guests with a dazzling firework display. The perfect time for this would be just before your first dance or at the end of the reception before guests disperse. There are fireworks for every budget and wedding space, so your options are unlimited.

Have Your Dream Wedding!

Dancing and a live band are not the only wedding entertainment solutions these days. Event organizers and couples are coming up with unique, new ways to engage guests during wedding receptions. Even though some people relish dancing the night away, it is great to have different entertainment stations to keep all guests interested.


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