How Chelsea Boss Built His maid a Villa in Phillipines


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Former PSG boss and the current chelsea coach

When Thomas Tuchel signed for PSG in 2018, he settled into a beautiful house. He and his wife then hired a Filipino housemaid to take care of their home.

This lady hasn’t counted her hours and has always been very professional and available for the Tuchel family. Over time, a bond was created and one day, Tuchel and his wife learned that if this woman worked hard, it was first and foremost to fund a heavy operation from one of her children’s hearts.

Without even asking himself a question, Thomas Tuchel then decided to fully finance the operation. The operation is going very well and the child can see the rest of his life with optimism. But that’s not all.

As Tuchel is increasingly threatened with being sacked to PSG, he asks his maid, what his biggest dream in life is. She replied as she dreams of being able to return to the Philippines and build a house where she would end her old days with her family who she was staying and missing so much.

Thomas Tuchel was then sacked by PSG and joined Chelsea but before leaving he didn’t forget his cleaning lady and offered her a sumptuous villa in the Philippines where she lives now with her family.

Immense respect to Tuchel for this magnificent gesture. What a man!


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