Serve 5 Years Or Pay Ksh.5M: Young Man sentenced for Sharing ex-Babe Nudes


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Do you know its a criminal offense to share nudes in Social Media?

Well, a 22-year old man will serve 5 years in Jail or pay a fine of ksh.5 million for sharing his ex-girlfriend’s photos on social media.

Joseph Njunguna mungai was found guilty cyberbullying and distributing obscene photos and images via the social media.

According to the amended laws in Kenya, cyberbullying is punishable by law. The offense carries a 20 million shillings fine or a 10-year prison sentence or both.

According to court papers in our possession, M. Mungai wrongfully and willfully shared the pictures of a woman on telegram with her colleagues. The same photos also reached her relatives and friends between the dates of June 14 and 16.

Both the complainant and the accused had dated for two years before their sweet relationship crumbled and they acrimoniously parted ways.

But the gentleman became overprotective, insecure, violent and problematic. He simply didn’t want to let go of his lover.

It is then that he is said to have exposed her nude photos on online platforms. The weird act totally affected the woman hence she took the legal action. Mr. Mungai was quickly apprehended when the complainant found out that the nudes were circulating online. The matter was reported to Kasarani Police station.

But Mungai in his mitigation and plea, told the court that he shared the photos after being dumped and out of frustration and anger.

‘I was emotionally wrecked. I am asking for more time to reconcile with the lady and ask for forgiveness . I humbly ask the court to be lenient’, He pleaded.

He added that he was yet to join a college and was very remorseful.

However, the makadara Chief magistrate Hellen Onkwani warned that the case had dire consequences and handed him a 5 year imprisonment or to pay a fine of kes.5million as stipulated by the law.

Lets all be careful not to share nudes or vulgar messages online.

cyberbullying is a crime in Kenyan laws.


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