Ladies, Getting A single Man If You Have Two Kids is a Fantasy: Benjamin Zulu


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Counseling Psychologist ,Conference Speaker and Life Coach Benjamin Zulu has advised single ladies with two kids not to be misled that they can get married by a single man. Benjamin said the following in his famous social media page;

Benjamin Zulu

A lot of young ladies with two children are asking why they’re not being approached by good guys and I think it’s important to remember that the game changes when you get two kids. You must calm down now and prepare for a different kind of life. Thinking you’ll continue searching as if you were just single and marry a single man is a fantasy. Your best bet is to date other men who also have children.

There may be these young boys in their early 20’s who are yet to know themselves and they’ll happily consume your goodies if you let them, but they’ll still leave when they come to themselves. If you mistake them for a man and attach your hopes onto them they’ll just give you another whiplash of a heartbreak.

It’s total madness to be getting children outside marriage or in a loose entanglement and still hoping to live a normal life.

But most ladies were not planning on getting children, they just entertained the notion that it’s normal to be getting intimate with their boyfriends. They scoffed at the idea of dating celibate and they had all these lines to throw at anyone who suggested it. ‘Don’t be so legalistic. We all sin differently. These are modern times and things have changed. We’ll repent. Nobody will accept you if you don’t give in to sex.’ But as soon as the consequences for their lifestyle begin to arrive they suddenly change tune. If you’re still single I suggest you volunteer to help your friends who get caught so that you can witness the experience closely and get rid of your presumptions and ignorance.

Getting a child withdraws you from the world for a period and it completely alters your rhythm. Your life can crawl to a halt and when you pick up you must restart again. By the time the baby is grown enough for you to catch up with your former colleagues again, a lot has changed. Many people actually never return to their previous friend group. But you can still rebuild your life and date normally like a single person.

If, however, after this experience you still refuse to enforce celibacy and you end up getting another child, this time it’s your social status that changes. You’re no longer regarded as single. Most people see two children as a whole package and now you can only shop among those who also have children. Most will be coming from other marriages but you, you’ll be coming from defiance and a refusal to discipline your sexual life.


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