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1.Hon.Martha Wangari Karua

Martha Karua

Despite being named the running mate of Azimio La Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga, Hon.Martha Karua
was also named to be in charge of Justice and Constitutional affairs ministry.
The seasoned lawyer has a vast experience in matters with law , governance and constitutionalism. She
had previously held the same position during the late president Kibaki’s government.
She’s known for her strictness, zero tolerance to corruption and full implementation of government
policies. The aforementioned position is fully hers and sealed.

  1. Hon.Kalonzo Musyoka
Kalonzo Musyoka

  1. The former Raila Oding’as running mate both in 2013 and 2017 presidential elections was also named as
    the chief cabinet secretary during the VP naming at KICC by Raila Odinga.
    This will be the senior most member of cabinet position in Azimio’s government should Raila win the presidency.
    It will entail supervision and coordination of all the government functions and duties.
    Kalonzo has got deep experience in matters of running the government having previously worked as a
    minister both in Moi and Mwai Kibaki’s government.
    He was also a former vice president in Kibaki’s government.
  2. Hon.Wycliff Oparanya.
Kakamega Governor, Wycliffe Oparanya

  1. The outgoing Kakamega governor was dully named by Raila Odinga during the naming of VP at KICC
    as the incoming cabinet secretary for national treasury and planning .
    Hon.Oparanya has done a tremendous job as a governor bereft of any scandal or corruption. He has
    extensively developed infrastructure, upgraded hospitals, improved livelihoods and made critical
    changes in governance at Kakamega county.
    He had previously worked in the same docket during the Kibaki era having been selected and proposed
    by his close ally Raila Odinga.
  2. Hon.Ali Hassan Joho.
Ali Hassan Joho

  1. During the same function at KICC , his excellency hon. Raila Odinga named the outgoing Mombasa
    governor as the cabinet secretary for lands should Azimio win the August elections.
    The governor has been very close with Raila over time and has stood and defended the former Prime
    Minister against any political attack.
  2. Hon.Peter Munya.
Hon.Peter Munya

  1. The former Meru county governor and the current cabinet secretary for Agriculture and Livestock has been
    named for the same position he’s currently serving. This implies that Hon. Munya will continue serving
    Kenyans in the same docket.
    The firebrand politician is known for openly selling Azimio agenda and campaigning for Raila Odinga in
    his native Meru county.
  2. Hon.Eugene Wamalwa.
Eugine Wamalwa

  1. The brother to the late vice president Kijana Wamalwa has been serving various cabinet portfolios under
    the Jubilee government and he’s the current cabinet secretary for defense.
    During one of the rallies in Western Kenya , Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga publicly declared
    the ever smiling minister will maintain the defense ministry docket.
  2. Hon.Charity Kaluki Ngilu

Charity Ngilu

  1. The vocal politician who is the outgoing Kitui governor was requested by Raila Odinga to abandon her
    gubernatorial bid for Kitui and promised a cabinet position. Since then she has always been with the
    national Azimio campaign team traversing the country looking for votes.
    It’s not yet known exactly which ministry she will be given
  2. Shahbal Suleiman
Suleiman Shahbal

  1. The investment banker who was also vying for Mombasa gubernatorial position was requested by the
    former prime minister to step down and he has since joined the national campaigning team for Azimio. He’s very close with the former PM .
  2. The intelligent banker is widely believed to be among those who will be in the cabinet.
  1. Hon.Sabina Chege.
Sabina Chege
  1. The outgoing Murang’a women representative shelved her ambition to run for any elective post and decided to be
    in the national campaigning team for Azimio.
    She’s one of the female gender that will be included in the cabinet.
  2. Hon.Peter Kenneth.

Peter Keneth

  1. The former Gatanga Mp and former presidential aspirant was highly anticipated to be the running mate
    for Odinga but lost to Martha Karua. He is now conducting a massive campaign for Raila Odinga. he is expected to be named as a CS should azimio win the presidency.
  2. Mukhika Kituyi

Mukhisa Kituyi

  1. The former Kimilili MP and UNCTAD secretary general has been highly rated to be in Raila’s cabinet.
    He had an ambition to run for presidency but pulled out and has since been crisscrossing the country
    with Raila Odinga looking for votes.


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