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Launch of the Industry Digital Talent Program By Safaricom


Leading communication giants, Safaricom announced the launch of a Digital Talent Program that is aimed at developing digital skills in the market by taking a sustainable approach to create a healthy digital talent pipeline. Safaricom partnered with various technology players to achieve this noble cause.

Safaricom CEO during the launch

The program which is in partnership with organizations drawn from tech hubs, government, training partners and academia, targets to upskill 1,000 participants based on the digital skills currently in high demand. Safaricom currently have over 30 partners including 6 Universities, 14 Training Partners, 5 Tech-Hubs, community organizations, 7 Government agencies and 14 industry players including Big-Tech as part of the program.

The program will focus on 9 priority skill areas including: UI/UX design; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; IOT; Big Data and Analytics; Cyber Security; Cloud Computing; Fintech; Robotics Process Automation; and Software Engineering.

Click here to learn more about the #IndustryDigitalTalent program https://www.safaricom.co.ke/…/technology-sector…



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