Launch Of SportsKe Vibes and Football Mtaani Game show


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SportsKe Vibe is set to launch a Live TV game show that aims to promote sports and market various local talents. The show which is proposed to be aired in one of the local tv stations will be launched on 5th August 2022 . 

The launch will coincide with the official opening day of the premier league that will see Arsenal taking on Crystal palace and after the launch there will be an activation of football Mtaani at Ngong town on a big screen for football lovers. This activation will be subsequently carried out on a monthly basis for sports lovers across the country. 

The event will involve Various local football fans, Players, Pundits and different Media houses that will be invited for the occasion. The show dubbed,’ Sports vibes’, will primarily involve football lovers with the winners standing a chance to win different prizes. The host will also engage with viewers at home and questions will be asked that would eventually enable them to win different gifts and prizes. 

Kids playing soccer

The High paced show will consist of a team comprising of three players that will compete against each other In; 

  1. Question and answer session that the whole team will participate in answering the questions 
  1. Individual session that each member will answer questions and earn points to the team 
  1. Football scoring session whereby ten balls will be given to each member to score in a mini football net and earn points 

The show will not only be engaging but also educative and entertaining.

‘We aim not only to provide entertainment to the viewers but also to educate and sensitize members of the public about football and other sporting activities. It is our main aim to find ideal partnership and sponsorship with one of the main betting firms to promote this noble sporting activity,’ said Frey Okinyi, The director and founder of the show and Sportske vibes. 

The group will also be launching their Facebook page, YouTube page and TikTok page dubbed Sportske Vibes. This would be the sister page to made in Kenya news and will primarily be used to cover both local and international sports news. Preferential coverage will be given to local sports news and talents. 

The aim of Our online platform will be two-fold; One to promote grassroots sports and talent development by highlighting uncovered and untapped talents especially in slums and the remote villages in Kenya. Two, to create and develop competitive platforms and environment that can contribute to positive economic growth of the young talents by highlighting their potential. This will combine all the sporting activities and our main objective is to inspire more Kenyans to showcase their unique talents and be bold enough to explore and be known globally. Our digital space, for example will be giving raw talents a platform to flourish and create ideal space for talent development and enhancement. 

The SportKe vibes and made in Kenya news are seeking for partnership and sponsorship with a progressive betting firm that shares the same vision for development of sporting activities here in Kenya, especially at the grassroot level. 

In turn, we will exclusively carry out intensive marketing campaigns for the betting firm both on our two platforms which have over 567,000 followers. 

We will be glad and willing to discuss the terms and conditions further upon agreement. 


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