HUSTLERS WILL LOSE THE 2022 ELECTIONS: A Case Similar to the Axis Powers in World War II


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President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga during the handshake

Germany and Japan were masters of oriental blietzrieg war. Blietzrieg, a Germany word, for lightening war. From September, 1939 to 1942,Germany had occupied Western Europe while Japan at the same time had occupied almost 85% of the Pacific. Their oriental blietzrieg was fast, hard and crashing. But their victory was short-lived.The Allied powers staged the war of attrition, fought based on refusal to surrender and production. This was posed by Britain and Russia in Europe. In the Pacific, USA started taking on Japan. By 1944, the Germany was facing stranglehood from Britain, USA, Canada from the West and Russia from the East. In the Pacific, Japan was facing defeat. Both would lose in the war in 1945.

Raila and Ruto During a past Function

Immediately after the Handshake in 2018, the Tangatanga Brigade, a branch of Jubilee associated with DP Ruto, started political onslaughter on the Handshake. They received token or no resistance from ODM and Kieleweka branch of Jubilee. Their political strategy was to frustrate and undermine the President and his brother, Raila Odinga. Tangatanga won this battle. But there were signs that, the narrative was not as attractive as its owners thought it was. They supported and opposed on equal measure policies and political decisions of Jubilee government that made them, no different from any other typical Kenyan politician.

The Handshake opened another front called BBI in 2019. It immediately came under serious attack from Tangatanga, by then they had metamorphised to Hustler Nation, a lethal political weapon, whose salvos on BBI was fast, hard and crashing. It was akin to blietzrieg as applied by Germany and Japan in World War II. BBI being a quasi-political and quasi-constitutional idea, it was fought in our Courts from the High Court to Supreme, returning a verdict of it being unconstitutional having been riddled with substantial constitutional infirmities including lack of public participation. The Hustlers hijacked the judicial decision and went ahead to proclaimed victory. At this time, Azimio is not yet born and attritional war of blaming Tangatanga for fanning a social war was visible but not effective. Indeed, if elections were held at anytime between December, 2020 or September 2021, the Hustlers would have won by 85%.In fact, they had indisputable command of all pollstars. The Hustlers narrative was a wild fire and it was spreading at a very high rate. Mt. Kenya was completely under the Hustler nation. The Handshake was on its defence or as the case was for Britain, it was at Bay. In fact, Hustler luminaries were daring the President to go to Mt. Kenya. Such was the confidence of Hsutlers.

President Uhuru And Raila Odinga

In 2020, the Handshake team assembled. Its captain Raila Odinga launched the Azimio la Umoja. The team was huge akin to Allied Powers.In December,2020, they open fire and started to take on Hustlers. In a camp called One Kenya Alliance, the Azimio defeated Hustlers by bagging Kalonzo Musyoka, while Hustlers only had won two cerelac candidates(not my words but William Ruto’s words).

Kenya will go into a political winter between January to April, 2020. The period was marked by seismic switch of campus here and there, but nothing very consequential. Hustlers had exhausted their plans by this time. They absolutely controlled Mt. Kenya, Rift Valley with substantial inroads in Western, Lower Eastern and Coast. Other than these region being described as Raila Odinga’s traditional voting bloc, there was nothing more to place a claim on their pulse.

The battle for running mate was fought in April and May, and Azimio won. Rigathi is no match to Karua. This is honest. Her candidature and few Kieleweka MPs and supporters started to ride Mt. Kenya. Western, Lower Eastern and Coast stake in Azimio was guaranteed. In May, 2022,Azimio Overload started. Then started land in territories where Hustlers had occupied, primarily due to to lack of opposition. The Azimio counterattack has put the Hustler machine on the retreat. The ride on Mt. Kenya has been significant until now the Hustlers are on the defensive position in the region. They have been driven out in other regions. Uhuru embarking on backdoor and visible campaigns has complicated the Hustlers matrices.

The last attempt for Germany to rescue herself from Allies stranglehood was to last desperate attack on the Allied Powers and on the other hand, the Japanese army had degenerated into a Kamikazi army, suicidal army. On August, 4,2022, the Hustler campaign is desperate. Blaming state agencies for being deployed to assail its imagined victory. There will be none. At once, they were on offensive but now they are on defensive. They even discredit pollstarts that gave them 85% lead in 2020 and 2021. Let be known, as Germany and Japan lost World War II, so will the Hustlers.

Ni hayo tu.

By Moses Masaai


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